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The Pan-African Pyramid

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Africa Liberation Day: A Day To Celebrate The Sacrifices Of Our Forefathers

Africa Liberation Day: A Day To Celebrate The Sacrifices Of Our Forefathers

By PAP Admin

African Liberation Day, also referred to as Africa Day is held yearly on May 25. It is a commemoration of African sovereignty and African identity African states established the Organisation of African Unity and sought cooperation and coexistence with neighbouring nations that had recently expelled their colonisers as well. 

This day celebrated tomorrow Thursday 25 May 2023 is revered by nations across the continent because it represents their past, present, and future as nations. African Liberation Day pertains to Africans of all religions and socioeconomic backgrounds, as they are one nation.


In 1958, African Liberation Day was first observed in Accra, Ghana’s capital. In its first year, only eight sovereign African nations were eligible to participate. This resulted in the formation of the Congress of Independent African States, a coalition of neighbouring and allying independent African states. Western powers quickly “decolonized” Africa, with some departing the continent forcibly and others leaving voluntarily.

The intent of the commemoration and the day itself was to draw attention to the adverse effects colonialism had caused to Africa and African unity in overall. It was an effort to restore the continent’s identity and unity.

Bearing in mind that there were not any borders or maps of African territories prior to the invasion of colonisers, who unilaterally divided the land. Therefore, African Liberation Day demolishes all barriers between Africans and proclaims, “Your home is now free and it is yours.”

Since 1958, more African nations have joined the celebrations each year. They currently number 54 in total. African Liberation Day was and remains a significant political movement for Africans who, despite decades of independence, continue to bear the heavy burden of colonialism.

Over time, the Congress of Independent African States transformed into the Organisation of African Unity, and then, in 2002, it underwent a further transformation into the African Union. Peaceful political intervention through collaboration has always been at the core of Africa’s foreign policy, despite the continent’s history of numerous significant conflicts.


It resounds

Through our shared history, we all have a connection to Africa. Examining the accomplishments of the continent as a whole is an excellent method to gain perspective on one’s own life and political landscape.

Expanding our global reach

Africa is much more than a distant land populated with lions and hippos, as is commonly believed. Recognising the people and their own identities, cultures, and nations contributes to the active deconstruction of African illusions that are perpetuated in the modern world.

Huge civil rights accomplishments

No matter where you reside, you will encounter oppression and injustice in your daily life. African Liberation Day commemorates the victory of subjugated people everywhere.


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