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Fairway Hotel Proprietor Late Sherali Bandali Scoops PAP Award For Standing With Ugandans During Amin Era

Fairway Hotel Proprietor Late Sherali Bandali Scoops PAP Award For Standing With Ugandans During Amin Era

By PAP Admin

The Pan African Pyramid on Friday 26 August 2022, held its fifth edition of the Pan- African Pyramid Global Awards also commonly as PAP Global Awards at Fairway Hotel, attracting hundreds of Pan Africanists to celebrate their forefathers.

This year’s awards were dedicated to Asians for their social, political and economic contributions in Africa and Uganda in particular. Therefore, PAP recognized three Pan Africanists including; founder Fairway Hotel late Sherali Bandali Jaffer, Hasmukh Dawda the founder House of Dawda Group and one Ugandan born Anita Annet Among the Speaker of Parliament of Uganda. an accessible web community

In our next articles we shall talk about the other two but now let’s start with; why PAP recognized Sherali Bandali in this year’s awards.
According to PAP speaker and Chairman Andrew Irumba Katusabe Bandali Jaffer is considered the father of racial harmony in Uganda. He was a member of the 1st post Independence Parliament of Uganda representing Kampala West under the political party of the King of Buganda-Kabaka Yekka (KY).

He’s among the Asians who were expelled by Amin. But when he arrived in Canada, among the over 55,000 of the 80,000 then homeless Asians he helped to settle, included Ugandans who had fled along from their ‘brother’ Amin. Bandali, negotiated their settlement both in Canada and UK. Up to today, those families are still living in peace and harmony there. Bandali, the founder of Fairway Hotel was the first Ugandan to host the Holy Pope Paul IV at his home then, on his maiden trip to Africa, which later turned into a home away from home to many-FAIRWAY HOTEL.

The pan-African pyramid is propagating for a new Pan-Africanism concept. The new Pan-Africanism need
not be based on race, skin and color, but IDIOLOGY and MOVEMENT. It advocates for the unification of
Africa by economic development and Trans-African trade, and not by political actors only, but by corporate
business entities.

At this 50th golden Anniversary of expulsion of Asians from Uganda, the Pan-African Pyramid would like to
award leading Asian Industrialists and entrepreneurs who have contributed to the economic development of
Uganda and Africa 50yrs later.

Now, it’s against the above background that the Pan-African Pyramid Awards committee decided to award Bandali
Jaffer as one of those, whose immense contribution towards development and unification of Africa through
Trans-African collaborations should be recognized and appreciated.

The Rt Hon Speaker Irumba told Spy Uganda that after Bandali’s death, his son Bandari Aneez Jaffer quickly
embraced the dreams of Pan-African Pyramid by giving PAP a free home at Fairway Hotel where the organization holds its debates every Friday.

”It’s not by accident that 9 years later, PAP has found a home away from home at Fairway Hotel. This is because, following in the footsteps of his father, the late Bandari Aneez Jaffer quickly embraced the dreams of PAP when i approached him 9 years ago,” says Irumba.

”After his death on July 22, 2018, his son Azhar Jaffer Bandali, the grandson of Sherali Bandali Jaffer has only fortified their dreams to see an Africa that transcends color,skin, race, age, sex and geographical boundaries. Azhar, without any fear of contradictions, believes that social and geographical boundaries are simply a creation of man and his mind,” adds Irumba. Stay logged on for our next article about PAP Awards 2022.

Who Are Those That Have Been Awarded By PAP In Previous Years?

Pan-African Pyamid Global Awards were initiated in 2016 with an intention of recognizing Africans who have showed their concern and contributions geared towards raising the African flag, ever since then, a couple of Pan Africanists have been awarded as seen below;

1.Prof, Kajabago Ka-Rusoke (As African Philosopher)

2.General Elly Tumwiine (As African Art Revolutionary

3.Muyunga Muwanga Amon (as African sports inventor)

4.Hon Alex Ruhunda (As social and Dev’t Entrprenuer)

5.Mr Rwangyenzi Steven (As African Heritage And Cultural Enterprenuer)

6.Ms, Evelyn Bright (As African Young Social and Dev’t Enterprenuer).


1.John Komuruyange Kalekezi (General Kale Kayihura’s Father) as a African Revolutionary Life Time Achiever

2.John Garang De Ma Bior- who was awarded as a Revolutionary Leader

3.Partrick Tabaro who was awarded as African Renaissance leader

4.Fagil M. Mande awarded as African Veteran Educationist

5.Arinaitwe Rugyendo who was awarded as African Young Social and Dev’t Entrepreneur

6.Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi awarded as African Musical Activist

7.Grace Andrua Annasio awarded as African Woman Activist and Entrepreneur

8.Dr. Mujisha Geofrrey awarded as African Anti Aids Activist.


1.Winnie Madickzela Mandela as a revolutionary leader of anti-apartheid

2.His Excellence Major General Retired Lekoa Solly Mollo ambassador of South Africa to Uganda as a freedom fighter anti-apartheid

3.Dr Patience Bibohere Rwamigisa awarded as African renaissance

4.Uganda Wildlife Authority awarded as African Heritage conservationist

5.Ms Prossy Namwanje aKa Sure deal awarded as African Women Entrepreneur


1.Former Libyan President Col. Muammar Gaddafi awarded as African Revolutionary Time Achiever

2.King Ndahura 11 Kashagama Imara- Pan-African Renaissance Leader

3.Amirali Karmali (Mukwano)-African Revolutionary Life Time Achiever (Bussiness)

4.Christopher Columbus Sembuya-African Social & Dev’t Entrepreneur.

5.Rapa Thomson Ricky-African Young Social & Dev’t Entrepreneur.

2020 and 2021 PAP awards were halted over COVID-19 effects. Stay logged on for our next article about PAP Awards 2022.


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