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Preserving The Environment! GRO Foundation To Invest Over $100M In Tree Planting In Uganda

Preserving The Environment! GRO Foundation To Invest Over $100M In Tree Planting In Uganda

The GRO Foundation a social-impact organization dedicated to lifting communities out of poverty through environmental conservation is set to invest over $100m in tree planting in Uganda under their mission of planting 1 billion trees globally by 2030.

According to the Organization’s founder Mr Paul Flynn, they aim to plant a minimum of 255 million trees, invest about 100 million USD in the process and generate 1 billion USD for the Ugandan government.

Paul Flynn is a Ugandan-Irish born in Germany, an internationally acclaimed environmental philanthropist who was awarded at the recent PAP Global Awards with an African Environmental Philanthropist Award.

The Organization on Monday 4th September 2023, working with Hope International, an NGO that operates schools, visited various schools in the areas of Lugazi, Kampala, where they planted trees and also checked on the locations where they had planted community fruit trees.

”We are finalizing discussions on several pocket forests. But large-scale reforestation is being discussed at Mabira Forest and R.Riwizi,” said Mr Paul Flynn.

Through planting these trees the Foundation harvests ISO-certified carbon certificates, which they sell to individuals, corporations, and global brands and this is their source of income that enables them to push their dream of ensuring a greener world but more importantly lifting families out of poverty forever.

GRO certificates are independently verified and registered on the blockchain to certify the buyer as green. And with this, you can now protect the environment and positively change people’s lives by offsetting your carbon footprint with GRO Foundation.

The Foundation uses proceeds from certificate sales to establish livelihood projects such as small-hold farms, fruit farms, food forests, fish farms, and animal and beekeeping and fund education, healthcare and clean water facilities not for themselves but for the communities


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