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Opinion: African Union Is Nolonger For Us But For Imperialists-Nigeria’s Umudjere

Opinion: African Union Is Nolonger For Us But For Imperialists-Nigeria’s Umudjere

By Amb. Umudjere Africaman

Africa Liberation Day: The Need For Renaissance Of The Struggle For Africa Full Freedom

Beloved African people, today being the 25th day of May 2023, make it sixty (60) years of the commemoration of African Unity; Yes! African Unity. But it is a shame to note that the much persevered African Unity hopefully established on the 25th day of May back then in 1963 has become an avenue of African disunity. The authority instituted to secure and preserve African Unity has now become a mere stooge of imperialism; this is because the institution believes and drives the African vehicle in the direction determined by the Imperialists. Today we can no longer stand as a United front but rather in regional competitive groups, buttressing the Imperialists’ tool for African disintegration.

Explicitly, it is a glaring fact that Africans are suffering and dying daily because of our identity as Africans; we now combat ourselves because we see ourselves as the enemy. No doubt Africa and Africans are disunited, then what’s the essence of the much persevered African Union? It is imperative we know that the Africa Liberation Day should be a sober reflection and a passionate one for the efforts that our ancestral patriots put in place to make possible the political unification of the African people. Today there is no unity among our people; the Northern African sees himself or herself as different from the Southern African. Likewise, the West, East, and Central. The established African Union which was persevered for by our ancestors has not lived up to the expectations; today being the Africa Liberation Day should not be a thing of joy but a sober reflection of the decline of the prospective efforts of our ancestors.

Africa Liberation Day is a day we must fight to engage in the renaissance of the struggle for Africa’s full freedom, I see no room for celebration but room for brainstorming and resolve of ideas and decisions that will re-take Africa from the imperialists. We must agree to drive our minds through the horrors of the past, the deceits and pains of the present, and groom capacities for a better Africa. The African Union which was an agreed decision of the meeting of May 25th, 1963 has become the enemy in disguise. It acts as a physical passionate fellow but deceitfully executing measures of the Imperialists. The African Union is meant to stand for anything African be it natural resources, mineral resources, and human resources; but this has not been done as there is immense exploitation of all the resources in Africa. We are now regarded as second-class citizens in our homeland; the governments of Africa now penalize us for standing against any policy that spells no fortune for Africa and her people.

The present-day African Union which is supposed to be the unified Government of Africa is now a tool for imperialism; on a concise note, the African Union has made it possible for the exploitation and degradation of the African people. They have granted the imperialists full license to our numerous resources and have made them control forces over our affairs and actions. The presence of crisis in Sudan, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Cameroon, and other African countries speaks volumes of the incapacity of the African Union and thus requests us to match up our deals.

The present-day African Union cannot be celebrated because they have put us into post-colonialism; they must put their heads in shame and exit their offices. The inability to stand with Mali and Burkina Faso to send away the exploitative forces of the French also speaks volumes of the African Union’s incapacity

The African Union for the past six (6) decades has not lived up to its expectations which is Africa’s full freedom, instead, they have deceitfully betrayed and sold Africa back to the Imperialists; we are not slaves but humans and we should be treated as such. The call to use Africa as a testing laboratory for the production of the Coronavirus vaccine is really an avenue for the African Union to prove its worth and even ensure penalty is given to such utterances. The African Union had failed us and is failing us; thus, on this day of commemoration of the African Liberation Day, we must not continue to sleep, we must not continue to be silent and we must not continue to act ignorant. It is time and we are aware of the damages in the past and present; we must reappraise ourselves and decisively drive Africa to her destination “Africa full freedom”.

Beloved, the African Union which was supposed to make us a single element of development has now made us hostile to each other; there are a series of intra-crisis that have caused deaths and great losses to Africa as a continent and the people as residents. The African Union has not seen this as a grave problem that is dwindling all efforts posed to Unite and develop Africa. They seat at Addis Abba dining and discussing irrelevant issues and procuring wealth for themselves; they have budgeted huge sums of money for personnel gains at the expense of Africans killing fellow Africans in the North, South, East, West, and Central. They budgeted so much for the Coronavirus pandemic still no cure is forthcoming and we keep hoping; what a deceit and what a misled destination we are driving to!

How we wish Nkrumah, Gaddafi, Sankara, Patrice Lumumba, and many others too needed to be mentioned are alive to see what they persevered for. How I wish they can rise up and help build the foundation they laid.  How I wish they can strike out the evil tendencies in our present-day African leaders. How I wish their dream can come to pass.

Yes! Their dream will come to pass!

The young Pan Africanists that have picked up this mantle will not relent either in actions or words; we will not sleep, we will not stay at home, we will not slow down but keep awake, keep traveling, and move faster to ensure the dream of the UNITED AFRICA STATE comes to pass. We must through our consistent and immense efforts see the laughing faces of our beloved Pan-African ancestors in their resting places for their dream (UNITED AFRICAN STATE) is achieved.

It is to this end that the I Umudjere Africa man requests us African people to use the commemoration of this day “African Liberation Day” to put forward possible and salvaging measures to tackle the defaults in the African Union and agitate the realization of the dream of the UNITED AFRICAN STATE.

God bless us as we strive in unity! Yours in United African State Service

Umudjere Africa man

Chairman, Africacman Development Initiative, National Youth Leader, State 55 Africa, Nigeria Chapter

Member, Worldwide Pan African Movement

Former National Coordinator, Pan African Federalist Movement Nigeria Chapter



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